SMSF Auditor and Accountant Croydon

Over the past decade, Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) have become a popular superannuation option, more and more Australians making the switch from an industry or retail fund to a SMSF. This increasing trend does not come as a surprise, as there are many benefits to having a SMSF, such as some new investment opportunities and greater control. Managing a SMSF comes with a lot of responsibility, as the Trustee needs to ensure that the fund set-up, tax processing, auditing and overall administration is correctly handled. The Self-Managed Super Fund Services provided by CLY Tax Accountant Croydon can assist you with all of these tasks, as well as provide follow-up services and advice.

At CLY Tax Accountants Croydon, we are committed to providing reliable, quality and cost-effective SMSF services and advice to all of our clients. Delivering to the Croydon and surrounding areas, our expert Tax Accountants and ASIC accredited Auditors can help you with all of your SMSF requirements.

We understand that your SMSF is an important part of your financial plans, and we take the time to ensure that no fine details are missed. We like to take a personalised approach and develop a full understanding of your SMSF situation and goals. This allows us to use our specialised knowledge and leading software systems to tailor a SMSF service that suits you. Whether you need assistance in SMSF Set-Up, Tax Returns, Auditing or general accounting advice, we can help you to meet all of your SMSF responsibilities with efficiency and ease.

Our SMSF Services Croydon, include:

SMSF Set-Up Services

It is essential that your SMSF is set-up correctly, in order for it to be eligible for tax concessions, be able to receive contributions and be easy to administer. This involves considering the accounting and legal aspects of your fund, and ensuring that it is properly organised.

Our SMSF Accountants can assist you with:

  • Trustee Set-up
  • ABN Registration
  • TFN Application
  • GST Registration, if applicable
  • Assisting with setting up the bank accounts
  • Assisting to roll your current Super into your new SMSF

We can also refer you to a highly knowledgeable Financial Planner, for advice on possible SMSF investment options and retirement strategies.

SMSF Tax Return Services

At CLY Tax Accountants Croydon, we can also prepare and lodge your SMSF Tax Return, and help you and your SMSF to remain organised at the end of the Financial Year. Avoid any unnecessary compliance or administration issues by letting our expert SMSF Tax Accountants look after your tax return and end of year work.

We can assist you with:

  • Preparing and processing your SMSF Tax Return
  • Preparing End of Year Financials
  • Preparing Member Statements

SMSF Auditing Services

A large responsibility involved in managing a SMSF is to ensure that it complies with relevant law and superannuation standards. This is checked by completing an annual SMSF Audit.

Annual SMSF Audits are a mandatory requirement and can only be performed by a qualified ASIC Auditor. At CLY Tax Accountants Croydon, we are ASIC accredited Auditors and can assist with all of your auditing requirements.

By keeping all of the SMSF Tax, Accounting and Auditing responsibilities up-to-date, you can make sure that your SMSF is properly managed. At CLY Tax Accountants Croydon, our specialised Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Accountant Croydon can help you to set-up, organise and manage your SMSF to ensure that it remain organised throughout the year.

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