Proper Bookkeeping is vital to any organisation, as it’s not only a legal requirement, but can help you to better plan, manage and ultimately grow your business. However, with what feels like an endless list of jobs to do, we were always told by many business owners in Lilydale, Ringwood and Croydon that they struggle to find the time and energy to keep organised and up-to-date records. The last thing any business owner wants is to fall behind and be buried in paperwork, or make any costly clerical mistakes.

Keep your business running smoothly and let the professionals at CLY Tax Accountants & Bookkeepers assist you with meeting all of your bookkeeping commitments. We provide bookkeeping for small businesses, partnerships, trusts and companies, offering individual and regular bookkeeping jobs and continuing support.

At CLY Tax Accountants & Bookkeepers, our professional bookkeepers take the time to understand your business to ensure that you receive the best suitable services and advice. As certified advisor for today’s leading bookkeeping software including Xero and QuickBooks, our bookkeepers are experienced in using latest bookkeeping technology, and have a broad financial knowledge base. This allows us to effectively manage and interpret information, meeting your bookkeeping needs and letting you focus on other important business strategies.

We understand that you want your business to succeed and continue to thrive, so we offer a range of Bookkeeping services to help keep your plans on track.

Bookkeeping services

  • Bank statement preparation
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Arranging your Payroll
  • Organising your Tax Return and End of Financial Year commitments
  • Business Activity Statement (BAS) preparation
  • Instalment Activity Statement (IAS) preparation
  • Accessing leading bookkeeping software, such as Xero, QuickBooks and Reckon

If you think of reviewing your existing bookkeeping services or looking for a new a professional bookkeeper, we are definitely the reliable bookkeepers that you can count on in Maroondah or Yarra Ranges areas including Ringwood, Croydon or Lilydale.

Complimentary bookkeeping health check

Moreover, we are proudly offering one-hour complementary bookkeeping health check to help the business owners run through all essential aspects of their current bookkeeping status and provide professional consultation.

Please Contact our team at the Chirnside Park Office (15 Meadowgate Dr, Chirnside Park Vic 3116) or Croydon Office (Suite 4 / 174 Main St, Croydon Vic 3136). Alternatively, you can also call us on 03 8719 6912 to discuss your business’ Bookkeeping needs. Our bookkeepers would really like to help!