Accounting Croydon – Managing an Investment Property

In recent years, property has become a popular investment choice. With a variety of property opportunities, you can invest in large commercial projects, residential houses or apartments, and many choices in between. Whatever your property type and purchasing costs, it is essential that your investment is correctly managed and complies with taxation regulations. Whether you currently own or are looking to buy an investment property, our Croydon accounting services can assist you with effective investment property management.

At CLY Tax Accountants Croydon, we are committed to delivering professional, reliable and cost-effective tax and accounting services for your investment property. With years of experience within the Tax and Accounting sectors, we will ensure that you meet all of your responsibilities as a property owner.

Managing your existing Investment Property

When it comes to managing an investment property, our Tax Accountants Croydon team can assist you with your tax return duties, as well as help you to claim all of your tax entitlements and legally maximize your refund. We have dedicated countless hours to researching on the current tax laws and accounting practices, to ensure that you only receive the up-to-date knowledge and advice.

Our tax advice and assistance includes but not limited to:

  • Tax Deductions, on:
    • Real estate agent fees
    • Council rates
    • Insurance
    • Maintenance and Repairs
    • Depreciation on capital works
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Negative or Positive gearing
  • Referral to an expert Financial Planner

To be able to claim these deductions, you will need to keep a well-organised record of your documentations. This includes but not limited to any rental income or expenses, financial statements, interest expenses, capital gains or losses, and travel logbooks if you conducted regular inspections.

Looking to buy an Investment Property?

The Pros and Cons of Investment Property


  1. Control: Be able to choose your property type, location and rental charge.
  2. Capital growth: If your property increases in value, you will benefit from capital gains when you sell.
  3. Tax deductions: You may be able to claim certain expenses as deductions against the rental income.
  4. Physical asset: You can physically see and touch your investment.


  1. Costs: The rental income may not be enough to cover your mortgage, meaning that you may need to outlay other money to cover costs.
  2. Interest rates: A rise in interest rates may result in higher repayments and lower disposable income.
  3. Vacancy: There is no guarantee that your property will always have a tenant.
  4. Liquidity: Unlike shares, it will be difficult to sell off a portion of your property investment if you need quick access to money.
  5. High entry and exit costs: The related expenses to buying and selling property could be high, such as stamp duty, legal fees and real estate agent fees.

Always seek advice from your Accountant Croydon in regards to purchasing and/or managing an investment property, as they can provide you with a personalized service and professional insights.

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