Tax Accountant Croydon for Small Business

It is still the start of a New Financial Year and the perfect time to organise all of your small business tax obligations. Whether you need to lodge your previous year’s Tax Return, process your statement returns, or prepare your tax planning, the professionals at CLY Tax Accountant Croydon can help you. Our extensive tax knowledge and years of experience working with different-sized businesses makes us experts in our field. Get the best start to a new tax year, with the right small business Tax Accountant Croydon.

Being a Business Owner can be very rewarding. You have the opportunities to set flexible working hours, have more control over your income, and fulfill personal and career goals. However, with what feels like a never-ending list of jobs to do, being a Business Owner can also create a busy lifestyle. Trying to juggle too many responsibilities can be stressful and cause you to fall behind, so have one less thing to worry about, and let us looking after your tax commitments. We can help you to avoid unnecessary legal or administrative troubles, and have more time to focus on key business strategies.

Our Croydon small business tax accounting services and end of year work includes:


  • Tax Returns for:
    • Individuals
    • Sole Traders
    • Small Businesses
    • Companies and Partnerships
    • Trusts
    • Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)
  • Group Certificates, Superannuation and Payroll Tax
  • Business Activity Statement (BAS) and IAS returns
  • Capital Gains Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax and Non-Resident Withholding Tax

Business Services

  • Business Start Up & Strategic Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Company Secretarial

Audit and Accountancy

  • Trust Account Audit
  • Self-Managed Super Funds Audit
  • Bookkeeping & Statutory Reports
  • Cash Flow Projections and Budgeting

At CLY Tax Accountant Croydon, we have dedicated our time to analysing the current tax laws, and keeping our knowledge and skills up-to-date. We are able to evaluate your tax options and create the best possible strategy, in terms of tax payments arrangement and tax deductions. Depending on your business’ situation, we can help you with some professional tax planning as well.

We like to take the time to understand your business, and form a holistic view of your tax responsibilities and entitlements. We look beyond the standard options and take more than your income tax, business expenses and average tasks into consideration. This allows us to develop a greater understanding of your tax and accounting needs, as well as provide premium services and advice.

Don’t wait any longer – receive the right advice, with the right small business tax accountant Croydon. For further information or to make an appointment about your tax, please Contact Us on (03) 9736 9316 today!